Targets and Actions

For each pillar of our plan we have defined a number of priority Targets and Actions. These targets apply to all our Tesco retail businesses across the Tesco Group, including the UK, Republic of Ireland, Central Europe and Asia. We have developed a set of measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will enable us to monitor progress on our actions. Our leadership teams review these KPIs on a quarterly basis and we will update stakeholders annually on the progress that we are making.

With the majority of our customers being in the UK, implementation and reporting against many of these actions will begin with the UK business operations. We will take learnings from the UK and work with local stakeholders in each of our international markets to develop appropriate plans and country specific timelines.

Further information on our progress can be found in our data supplement report.



To help our colleagues succeed by providing them with the flexibility, skills and reward to 'get on'

People Actions & KPIs

  1. 1
    To have a competitive total reward package that colleagues value
    UK 1.05
    Tesco average pay versus market median
  2. 2
    Increase colleague skills and digital confidence so they can access a greater number of roles and develop their long-term careers
    Group: 77%
    % of colleagues that agree 'I have the opportunity to learn and develop'
    Group: 17,156
    Number of colleagues who have received manager development training
  3. 3
    Provide opportunities to help young people develop their employability skills and start their careers
    Group: 2,373
    Number of opportunities provided for young people
  4. 4
    Introduce an updated suite of contracts and new technology to give colleagues greater flexibility and control over their work schedules
    Group: 82%
    Percentage of colleagues that agree 'I am able to work flexibly around my life'
  5. 5
    Continue to build an inclusive culture where everyone has the opportunity to get on
    Group: 84%
    Percentage of colleagues that agree 'There is an inclusive culture at Tesco where people are accepted for who they are without judgement'
    Board of Directors: 31%
    Female share of Board
    UK: 11.3% mean
    UK: 8.9% median
    Average gender pay gap
  6. 6
    Help colleagues look after their physical and mental well-being so they can be at their best at work and at home
    Group: 69%
    % of colleagues that agree 'Tesco helps me lead a healthy lifestyle'



To help make sustainable products accessible and affordable for all

Sourcing Actions & KPIs

  1. 1
    Lead the industry in addressing the sustainability challenges in our supply chains starting with our most important products and ingredients

    Further information can be found here

  2. 2
    Build trusted partnerships with our suppliers
    Group: 77.5%
    Percentage of suppliers satisfied with working with Tesco (Supplier viewpoint)
  3. 3
    Ensure international human rights standards are respected at all our suppliers' sites
    UK: 98%
    Percentage of high risk tier 1 supplier sites having had an audit in the last year
    UK: 63%
    Percentage of high risk tier 1 supplier sites where critical non-conformances have been identified
    UK: 89%
    Percentage of tier 1 high risk sites where critical non-conformances have been identified and mitigation or remediation processes implemented on time
  4. 4
    Focus on the most serious risks to workers throughout our supply chains, working transparently with NGOs, unions and others to identify and address them
    Group: 24
    Number of collaborative initiatives to address entrenched risks
  5. 5
    Support sourcing communities facing complex social and environmental challenges

    Further information can be found here

  6. 6
    Reduce supply chain carbon emissions by 7% by 2020
    UK: 6.2%
    Percentage reduction in manufacturing emissions from key suppliers (Baseline 2015/16)
    UK: 50%
    Percentage of key suppliers measuring agricultural emissions
  7. 7
    Achieve zero net deforestation in our sourcing of raw materials by 2020
    UK: 100%
    ROI: 100%
    Central Europe: 100%
    Asia: 37%
    Percentage volume (tonnes) of palm oil certified to Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil standard
    UK: 87%
    Percentage of paper/wood products certified by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) or from a recycled source
    UK: 77%
    Percentage of soy (tonnes) for whole chicken products meeting our Zero Deforestation Soy Transition Plan
  8. 8
    Sustainably source all our wild fish
    UK: 72%
    Percentage of wild-caught seafood certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) (tonnes)
  9. 9
    Improve water and biodiversity impacts in key agricultural regions.
    UK: 25
    Number of key suppliers with sustainable agriculture projects underway
  10. 10
    Treat all animals in our supply chain humanely at all life stages
    UK: 86%
    Percentage of audited sites that meet our animal welfare standards



To support all of our colleagues to live healthier lives and help our customers make healthier food choices every time they shop with us

Health Actions & KPIs

  1. 1
    Help colleagues look after their physical and mental well-being so they can be at their best at work and at home
    Group: 69%
    Percentage of colleagues that agree 'Tesco helps me lead a healthy lifestyle'
  2. 2
    To partner with leading health charities to help colleagues and customers make healthier choices

    Further information can be found here

  3. 3
    To help improve diets through encouraging the consumption of fruit and vegetables

    Further information can be found here

  4. 4
    To help remove cost barriers to healthier eating by ensuring that customers always pay the same price or less for the healthier version

    Further information can be found here

  5. 5
    To make Own Brand food and drink recipes healthier, provided there is no impact on taste or quality
    Sugar: 3.6% below
    Salt: 2.2% below
    Fibre: 10.8% above
    Percentage change in volume of key nutrients for Tesco Own Brand products below/above own brand volume growth (Baseline 2015)
  6. 6
    To raise awareness of healthier choices
    UK: 55%
    Percentage of customers who agree 'Tesco helps me lead a healthy lifestyle'

Food Waste


To help halve global food waste, farm to fork, by 2030

Food Waste Actions & KPIs

  1. 1
    No food that is safe for human consumption will be wasted inside the UK operations by 2017
    UK: 81%
    Percentage food surplus (safe for human consumption*) redistributed to humans or animals
    *defined as safe for donation to charity
  2. 2
    Halve food waste in our own operations by 2030
    UK: 3% Percentage reduction
    ROI: 0% Percentage reduction
    CE: 43% Percentage reduction
    Percentage change in tonnes of food wasted as a percentage of tonnes sold (Baseline UK 2013/14, ROI/Central Europe 2016/17)
  3. 3
    Work in partnership with our suppliers to halve food waste in our supply chains by 2030

    Further information can be found here

  4. 4
    Help halve global household food waste in the markets where we have retail operations by 2030

    Further information can be found here



To ensure we never use more packaging than is needed, and what we do use is from sustainable sources and goes on to be reused or recycled

Packaging Actions & KPIs

  1. 1
    Our packaging will be fully recyclable by 2025
    UK: 83%
    Percentage weight of all own brand packaging meeting 'widely recycled' criteria
  2. 2
    End the use of hard to recycle materials from our UK packaging by the end of 2019
    UK: 2,914 tonnes
    Tonnes of hard to recycle materials removed from our Own Brand packaging
  3. 3
    All paper and board used will be 100% sustainable by 2025

    Further information can be found here

  4. 4
    Halve packaging weight by 2025 (2007 baseline)
    UK: 31%
    Percentage reduction in average own brand pack weight per unit sold, including loose volumes (Baseline 2007)



To help our local communities thrive by positively contributing both socially and economically

Places Actions & KPIs

  1. 1
    To facilitate food surplus donation programmes in all our stores in order to provide meals to those in need. 2017 (UK & ROI); 2017/18 (Malaysia); 2018 (Thailand: hypermarkets in Bangkok); 2020 (CE)
    Group: 64%
    Percentage of stores that are part of our food surplus donation programme
    Group: 62.7 million
    Equivalent number of meals donated
  2. 2
    To support the projects and causes that matter to the local communities where we operate
    Group: 29,819
    Number of local projects or causes supported
    Group: £88.6 million
    Corporate giving
    Group: £19.9 million
    Colleague and customer fundraising

Climate change


To become a zero carbon business by 2050 

Climate change Actions & KPIs

  1. 1
    Reduce absolute carbon emissions from our operations, from 2015 levels (35% by 2020, 60% by 2025 & 100% by 2050)
    Group: 31%
    Percentage reduction of GHG emissions
  2. 2
    Source all our electricity from renewable sources
    Group: 58%
    Percentage of electricity from renewable sources