At Tesco, we have no time for waste.

We think it’s simply not right that good food goes to waste.

Food Waste

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We are committed to tackling food waste.

Less than 1% of food at Tesco is wasted. It might seem a small number, but when you serve 50 million shoppers a week, it’s still 46,000 tonnes a year.
So while we may be one of the most efficient retailers, we’re not happy…. and we want to do more. We want to help reduce food waste, not just at Tesco, but also on farms, in factories, and at home.

In a further commitment, Tesco CEO Dave Lewis chairs a coalition of government and business leaders called Champions 12.3.

They’re dedicated to reaching the United Nations Sustainable Development Target of halving global food waste in production and supply by 2030.

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