Food waste data

Food waste data

In 2013 we were the first UK retailer to publish data for the levels of waste in our own operations. We remain the only UK retailer to publish independently assured food waste data.

We think it’s incredibly important to publish waste figures in our own operations so we can work with the wider industry to identify hotspots and take action. By measuring food waste we can better understand how much, where, and why food is being wasted, and then target action.

2015/16 Own operations food waste (UK)

Year Waste (Tonnes)
2015/16 59,400
2014/15 57,100
2013/14 57,100


Our food waste data for 2015/16 shows that 59,400 tonnes of food went to waste, primarily in our stores which is equivalent to 1% of the number of food products we sold in our stores over the same period.

The food waste figure shows a net increase of 4% on last year. Two categories where the data have shown an increase are in Bakery and in Beers, Wines and Spirits.

The benefit of collecting this data is that it allows us to look at what is being wasted across different categories in our stores. For example, bakery accounts for 37% of our total food waste figure and we have therefore put in place a plan of how we can reduce In-store Bakery waste that includes more accurate production planning.

Importantly, we have actually seen a decrease in some categories including a 2% reduction in produce.

Find out how we calculate our food waste data here


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