Little Helps to Eat Better

Little Helps to Eat Better

At Tesco we want to make it easier for customers to enjoy affordable and fresh food. We have lowered the prices of hundreds of products, which could add up to some great savings in customers’ baskets.

What we're doing to help.

Lower Prices

To help support five-a-day as part of a balanced diet we have reduced the prices on hundreds of products including fresh vegetables & fruit.

Seven Exclusive New Fresh Food Brands

Seven new fruit, veg, meat and poultry brands were launched in March 2016 to make healthier eating more affordable.
These products have been successful with over two-thirds of our customers purchasing from the range and we are selling between 8.5m to 9m units per week.

Tesco Cafés

At Tesco Cafés we are increasing salad and vegetable options making it easier for customers to have a value for money, healthier meal while shopping in store.

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