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1% fat milk in the UK

4 Aug 2013

1% milk now available in over 750 stores in the UK

Health matters to all of us. That is why one of our big three ambitions is to help customers and staff live healthier lives. A fundamental part of a healthy lifestyle is making healthy choices to eat a balanced diet. To provide greater availability of healthy options, we have introduced 1% milk in over 750 stores across the UK.

A four pint bottle of 1% milk contains 18.2 grams less fat than four pints of semi-skimmed milk. And the difference in consistency between 1% and semi-skimmed milk is virtually undetectable. 1% milk tastes the same and contains no less calcium than semi-skimmed.

1% milk was first introduced to 200 stores in 2012. Having gained the loyalty of customers who tried it, we are now expanding availability to over 750 stores.

1% milk