2013 Poppy Appeal

31 Oct 2013

We’ve raised a total of £15 million for the British Legion in our UK stores over the past five years and this year’s collection is set to be the biggest yet.

We’ve raised a total of £15 million for the British Legion in our stores over the past five years and this year’s collection, starting in store tomorrow, is set to be the biggest yet.

Collection boxes will be in more stores that ever before in an effort to raise money to help our serving, ex-Service personnel and their families.

The Royal British Legion’s Director of Fundraising Charles Byrne said:  “The money raised by Tesco’s customers makes a huge difference to those we help, whether it’s families coping with the loss of a loved one, money and careers advice, a much-needed family break or a grant for people facing personal difficulty.”

Hosting Poppy Appeal collectors and volunteers is only part of the work that we are doing to support the Armed Forces community.

We work with the Career Transition Partnership to help service leavers’ transition into another career and have given 42 jobs to ex-Service personnel over the past two years.

Ed Beckingham served the Royal Air Force Regiment for five years, after which he was looking for new opportunities. He then joined the Career Transition Partnership and soon progressed to become store manager at our Hitchin store. He said “I left the RAF and had no idea what to do -  I went to a Tesco briefing and I was amazed at the opportunities available. They’ve always been very quick to help me and have been really understanding of my background.”

The case study below give a glimpse of how the money raised has helped the Royal British Legion improve people’s lives.

Sapper Clive Smith

Sapper Smith

27 year-old double-leg amputee Sapper Clive Smith of 33 Engineer Regiment in the Army was injured in a road side bomb during Operation Herrick 13 in Afghanistan in 2010.

He was part of a Royal Engineer Search Team (REST) searching for IEDs when the blast happened, and he spent five days in critical care in the UK before he was well enough to be transferred to Headley Court.

During April 2012, Sapper Smith spent a week involved in adaptive sports and adventure training at the Battle Back Centre, Lilleshall for the recovery of wounded, injured and sick service personnel where he found activities such as wheelchair basketball, rock climbing and bowling incredibly beneficial in aiding his recovery. The Centre is being funded by The Royal British Legion and aims to rebuild confidence, ability and motivation.

“The ongoing support I’ve received from Battle Back Centre staff and others over the course of my recovery has been invaluable. Taking part in activities like wheelchair basketball, rock climbing and bowling was great fun and really encouraged me to focus on what I could do as opposed to what I couldn’t do after injury. This positive outlook has really helped in all parts of my life.

“It’s humbling to know that the centre has been created because of the public’s generous support of the Legion, and the Poppy Appeal in particular. Without it, the Legion would not be able to help guys like me, as well as people who have left the Services and their families.  I’m glad to be giving my support to the charity by being at the launch today, and also being in the Poppy Appeal poster campaign.”