Consumer insight and data

23 May 2013

How we can use our customer insight and data to help customers make healthier choices.

Through research we’ve learned that our customers look to us to help them to make healthier choices, without compromising on enjoyment, quality, taste or affordability.

We’re now undertaking further research across our markets in Europe and Asia to learn more about their individual health needs and how we can help.

We want to give people much more information about the nutritional value of all the food they eat. Harnessing the data we have on consumer behaviour will help us to encourage a healthy balance in our customers’ lives.


We will work together with our 500,000 colleagues to discover the right way to encourage healthier lifestyles in all the countries in which we operate.

Healthy recommendations

We will help customers make healthier choices by giving them relevant and clear healthy product recommendations.

Health motivator

We will share more of our Clubcard data with our customers so they can understand how their shopping impacts their health. We are currently defining how best to do this to help customers make a healthy difference in their lives.

Data donation

We will explore ways that we can help research and health professionals to access the anonymised information we have about our customers, in order to help facilitate research projects. We hope that this will lead to a variety of joint projects where we help link research professionals with Tesco customers who are willing to donate their data for research purposes.