Food waste reduction in Asia

9 Sep 2013

Tesco joins the launch of the UN 'Save Food Asia-Pacific Campaign'

On 27-28 August representatives from Tesco Lotus took part in the launch of the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation’s ‘Save Food Asia-Pacific Campaign.' Held in Bangkok, the event brought together delegates from over 20 counties and was attended by Thailand’s Deputy Prime Minister, as well as Agriculture Ministers from other leading countries.

According to the UN FAO, the world produces enough food to meet the demand of its current population of 7 billion. Still, one in eight people go hungry every day. Approximately 35 per cent of food is lost between harvest and distribution in the Asia-Pacific region. The ‘Save Food Asia-Pacific Campaign’ looks to outline key strategic actions that the region’s stakeholders can take to save food from "farm to table" by limiting post-harvest losses and consumer waste. 

The focus of the launch was the start of a high-level stakeholder consultation on food losses and food waste in region. Our team at Tesco Lotus shared their insights as a key food retailer and leader on reducing food waste. The event was a great opportunity to build relationships with other key stakeholders as we look to continue our great work on reducing food waste.