Health Checks in Hungary

19 Jul 2013

Providing customers with professional health checks and nutritional advice outside our stores

Our customers tell us that they want us to help them lead healthier lives. An important part of leading a healthy life is understanding how to improve well-being and make healthy choices while shopping.

In Hungary, where over 50% of adults are overweight, our team has partnered with Swiss Medical Services to provide a free health check service. The health checks will be offered outside 15 of our stores throughout the summer. They will be carried out in a specialist mobile unit by a cardiologist and a nutritionist. The checks will involve multiple tests such as BMI calculation, blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and body fat measurement. Patients will receive personal advice on risk factors related to unhealthy lifestyles, a summary sheet of their health check and hints and tips on healthy living.

We hope to carry out over 1,500 checks throughout the summer, providing our customers with the information and support that they need to make a healthy change to their lives.

Health check van