Keep peas in their packet

7 Aug 2013

New zip mechanism could save 35 tonnes a year in food waste

We've launched a new zip mechanism for the packets of four lines of peas, including two of our largest lines. This new zip is designed to prevent peas from needlessly rolling out of their packets. This could save an estimated 35 tonnes a year from going to waste.

We have calculated that the average household wastes 10 peas out of the 3000 plus contained in a 1kg pack. This wastage occurs when peas roll out of the bag at the back of a freezer or accidentally fall on the kitchen floor and are thrown in the bin.

On that assumption and based on the number of bags of peas we sell across the four lines annually we think an incredible 35 tonnes or the equivalent of 35,000 1 kg packets are thrown away each year.

Our frozen vegetables buyer Andy Simpson said: “Its very annoying and something that affects every household - stray peas that easily roll out of the packet and then get lost at the back of the freezer or fall on the kitchen floor and then end up being thrown away."

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