New “Less CO2” fleet launched in Malaysia to cut emissions by over 4,500 tonnes

8 Nov 2013

Tesco Malaysia has launched its new “Less CO2” distribution fleet that aims to cut carbon emissions by 4,500 tonnes each year. These new trucks have a range of environmentally friendly features to reduce road miles and improve air quality.

The engines in the new vehicles contain enhanced technology to maximise fuel efficiency. For example, the engine always applies the right gear in every situation, leading to enhanced driveability as well as less diesel consumption. The trailers have a special aerodynamic design with a sloping roof and rounded edges that also add to improved fuel efficiency. However the main benefit of the new trailers is that they carry 20% more goods on each journey. This will take over 8,000 trips and 5 million km off the road each year.

It’s not only the fleet itself that is important though - optimising the routes taken to stores and when goods are delivered is very important as well. With Tesco’s state of the art transport management systems and the new fleet, Tesco Malaysia hopes to hit their 2020 target to reduce carbon emissions per case of goods delivered by 25% seven years early.