Product information

23 May 2013

Improving product profiling, labelling and reformulation

We all know that snacking on a packet of crisps is less healthy than eating an apple.

But with many other food products the nutritional value is less apparent and people struggle to understand how healthy or unhealthy their overall diet is.

Alongside our plans to harness the power of data to help customers understand how they eat, we are also planning to change the way we promote, label and formulate our products.

Product profiling and store environment

We will define our criteria for what makes a product healthy, based on levels of fat, saturates, sugar and salt, and apply these criteria to our complete product range. This will allow us to develop policies and guidelines to make healthier choices more appealing to customers, for example, by promoting healthier products. We will also change our offer to provide a more balanced range of choices at checkouts in all of our UK stores. We will start by trialling this to ensure we are delivering this in the best way for customers.

Product labelling

Tesco has championed the provision of nutritional information for many years. By providing clear information on the nutritional value of products we help our customers to make healthier choices. During 2013 we will begin the rollout of our new hybrid labelling system in the UK which will combine meaningful, detailed information from guideline daily amounts with at-a-glance colour coding.

Product reformulation

As part of our ongoing Product Improvement Plan in the UK, 96% of food included in the Salt Reduction Pledge in the Public Health Responsibility Deal now meets Government targets.