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QR Codes in Thailand

4 Aug 2013

Showing customers where their fresh food was grown

Our team at Tesco Lotus in Thailand has introduced an innovative, easy-to-use QR code system for customers to see where the fresh food that they are buying comes from.

We are starting with a few popular vegetables like cabbage and will roll out to 20 other vegetables soon. As well as saying where their vegetables were grown the QR code provides nutritional information and interesting recipes for customers to try.

Pornpen Nartpiriyarat, Tesco Lotus Head of Trading Law and Technical, said,

“At Tesco Lotus, we are proud of our achievement in promoting Thai produce and commitment in bringing high quality products to our customers. The QR code is our latest innovation to meet the needs of health conscious consumers and to reassure them about food safety. All they have to do is to scan the QR code on the packaging with their smart phone to find out the origin of the vegetable, which includes the exact location of the planting plot, nutritional information and a recommended recipe which will be updated every month.

“Our initiative will change the face of fresh products in Thailand as from now consumers can get detailed information about these products and can be confident in the quality of the food. The QR Code for vegetables was developed with Pran Fresh Co., Ltd., which has its own organic farm and 10 grower partners. The initiative will debut on popular vegetables including morning glory and cabbage, before being extended to 20 other vegetables in the next few months.”

The QR Code for fresh food is part of the Tesco Lotus Freshness Guarantee programme launched last year, which aims to revitalise the whole fresh food supply chain, from controlling product quality at the source to improved packaging and storage before reaching customers. Over the last several months, Tesco Lotus has been giving specialised food safety training to growers, has increased direct sourcing to ensure fresher products, and has expanded the area of its Fresh Distribution Centre at Lamlukka

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