Restoring food trust

23 May 2013

The latest new controls, measurement and contracts across our supply chain

In recent months, serious issues have arisen over the integrity of some food products sold in parts of Europe.

Once we became aware that a small number of Tesco processed meat products contained horsemeat, we worked round the clock to fix the problem. It is essential that we prevent this from happening again.

As the UK's leading food retailer, we want to - and we must - show leadership on this issue. In order to do so, we have committed to:

  • Put in place better controls, by implementing an unprecedented DNA testing programme and a market leading traceability programme for the UK which will be replicated in our Central European operations.
  • Work closely with our committed suppliers to simplify further our recipes and make specifications tougher, then ensure those changes result in products our customers prefer.
  • Bring food closer to home; where it is reasonable to do so, we will source from British farmers and producers. We will also shorten our supply chain where possible.
  • Build better relationships with our farmers, to create a clear and sustainable relationship of equals which gives our customers confidence in how their food is produced.
  • Create more transparency, opening up the supply chain to enable our customers to trace every step from farm to fork; for more information see

We will be held to account on our promises by an independent panel of experts to reinforce our industry leading commitments about the food we sell and how it is produced.

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