Tesco for Thais Foundation

23 May 2013

Offering nearly 6,000 scholarships a year to students in Thailand

In order to succeed and compete in a crowded job market, many young people need to develop new skills for the future.

With more than 120 million potential new young workers entering the global labour market each year, there is a higher premium on technologically advanced and high-level workplace skills.

We can help equip young people with these skills and are already doing so in a wide range of ways. One programme which has worked well at Tesco Lotus in Thailand is our Tesco for Thais Foundation (TfTF) which provides young people with opportunities for improved education.

TfTF offers up to 5,800 scholarships each year to students who need support. 150 scholarships go to undergraduate students in business management fields with a job offer at Tesco Lotus after they graduate. Over 11 years, TfTF has awarded 27,000 scholarships to students in Thailand.

We now want to apply this approach more widely, adapting it to local circumstances. For instance, this year we launched a new scholarship programme for members of our Sustainable Dairy Group of suppliers. The scholarship allows farmers and their family members to study aspects of dairy farming such as animal welfare, animal fertility and sustainability.

We are also looking to provide more bursaries and scholarships for young people from deprived communities to study or work with senior managers at Tesco as a way of creating a stepping stone in their own careers.

With programmes such as these, including our donations of equipment to schools and our plans to offer 5,000 apprenticeships for staff in the UK in the coming year, we can equip more young people with the tools they need to succeed.