Tesco Lotus plants its 9 millionth tree in Thailand

27 Aug 2013

...meeting the target we set in 2007 as part of our commitment to protect the environment.

In 2007 Tesco Lotus started a project to plant 9 million trees as part of its commitment to protect the environment.

Over the past six years we have worked with the Khao Yai National Park Protection Foundation and the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment to plant trees around the country including 1.2 million in Phaya Yen-Khao Yai, 3 million trees in the Nan River Basin, 3 million trees in the Ping River Basin, and 1.8 million trees in the Western forest.

Tesco Lotus Chief Executive Officer John Christie said, “We are delighted Tesco Lotus has achieved the target of planting 9 million trees in the year of our 19th anniversary, which shows our commitment as a leading retailer to use our scale to benefit Thai society. Nine million trees provide a habitat for wildlife and will offset 225,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year, or 9 million tons over 40 years.”

“Tesco Lotus is determined to take a lead in saving energy and environmental conservation. We have clear targets to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to fight climate change. Besides reforestation, Tesco Lotus has invested over 1.2 billion baht in energy-saving technology last year such as 120,000 fluorescent tubes. We will also continue to encourage green shopping habits among consumers by rewarding them with Green Points when not using plastic bags and purchasing green products.”

9 millionth tree