Tesco Schools Outreach

23 May 2013

Leaders from Tesco inspiring students in local schools

One of the most difficult problems which young people face is a lack of knowledge about the world of business. Many do not know where the opportunities lie or how to find them. Others do not realise the many different ways they can fulfil their aspirations through work.

We want to broaden young people's horizons, which is why we are establishing a new UK school outreach programme. Tesco leaders will be matched with local schools, which they can visit to share advice and bring alive the enormous variety of skills needed in business careers.

We will start with a pilot programme near our head office in Hertfordshire, UK this year and then we want to scale up the project nationwide. We intend to expand the programme further, rolling it out into other countries and also involve partners from our supply chain.

Our hope is that this could be a truly game-changing programme as we won't simply inspire young people about traditional retail careers, we will also open up the world of business, from farming and manufacturing, through to design and the very latest digital technologies.

Did you know?

44% of young people don't feel well informed about their career options