Tesco signs up to new supply chain initiative

26 Sep 2013

Seven EU trade associations have launched an initiative with the aim of ensuring fairness in commercial relations along the food supply chain.

During a special event held in Brussels last week, seven EU trade associations have launched ‘The Supply Chain Initiative’ with the aim of ensuring fairness in commercial relations along the food supply chain.

The 7 EU level associations involved in this Initiative represent the food and drink industry (FoodDrinkEurope), the branded goods manufacturers (AIM), the retail sector (the European Retail Round Table (ERRT), EuroCommerce, EuroCoop and UGAL, and agricultural traders (CELCAA).

We know that our success as a business, and as an industry, is based on what we can offer customers. And what we can offer customers depends on how we work together as a supply chain. As a business, we are committed to develop deeper, more sustainable relationships with our suppliers.

The purpose of The Supply Chain Initiative is to promote fair business practices in the food supply chain as a basis for commercial dealings. It aims to generate a culture change through a commitment of signatories to fair trading practices coupled with measures aimed at integrating those principles into company day to day operations and control their application.

Taking into account the subsidiaries of international groups, over 450 operating companies are signed up to the Initiative. During the high-level event, Philip Clarke, who is the current President of the European Retail Round Table (ERRT), said “As an industry, we know how important it is to nurture strong, collaborative supply chains, and the self-regulatory initiative we are launching today reflects our commitment to working together in a positive and fair way.  We started on this journey back in 2011, and what we have today is a framework which will protect all parties along the chain, so that we can focus on our important shared goal – delivering for the consumer.”

Through actively engaging with initiatives such as this, we hope to bring around a genuine culture change and benefit all those involved in the food supply chain.