Tesco Virtual Business Game

21 Aug 2013

80 teams of students took part in our online retail competition

We’re passionate about creating opportunities for young people. In fact, we’ve made it one of our ambitions to use our scale and expertise to inspire, equip and enable young people to succeed in the world of work.

The Tesco Virtual Business Game, jointly run by our colleagues in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey and Hungary, was an innovative and exciting way of introducing university students across Europe to the competitive sphere of business.   

Over 80 three-member teams entered the game, and each team was presented with a virtual retail challenge. Each player in the team was given one of three roles: the Director, Customer Service Manager and Sales Manager.

The teams were then tasked with coming up with a business strategy to boost sales; the game simulated the outcome of those decisions.

The overall winning team was the Quantum Rangers from Hungary, boosting sales by an impressive 5 088 381 EUR. The team’s prize was a trip to London, with teams from Slovakia taking the second and third spots and recieving iPads and iPods as prizes.

The students really got into the spirit of the game and  Lubomir Kalisky from the Slovak winning team said: "In the first round we failed because we set our prices too high. But then we found the right strategy, and we managed to increase customer satisfaction and contentment. As a result, more customers began shopping with us and that helped our profits.”

The game was a great way of giving young people a real insight into what it’s like to run a Tesco store. It also allowed them to apply their learning to business setting. Andrea Kožuchová, HR Director Tesco Stores SR, said: "Congratulations to our winners - we hope they gained the kind of knowledge and experience from the Tesco Business Game that they’ll be able to use in their future careers.”

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