Winning awards across the business

15 Oct 2013

We are delighted that in the last few weeks our businesses in Central Europe and UK have won a number of awards

We are very pleased that the outstanding work being done by some of our teams across the business has received external recognition from a number of award bodies.

In the UK we received the Continuous Excellence in Recycling trophy at the DSSmith Re:Think Recycling Awards. This award recognises the sustained commitment that we have made to recycling and sustainability within waste.

We were the first major retailer to commit and achieve zero waste direct to landfill as well as having a pan-European commitment to sustainable retailing, improving recycling in central Europe. In the UK, we recycle 300,000 tonnes of cardboard and 25,000 tonnes of plastic per year, as well as blending 1.7 million litres of chicken fat into bio-ethanol to power cars and trucks. We are continuously looking for innovative ways to improve our recycling. Currently we are rolling our plans to ensure that all store food waste is turned into biogas and fertiliser.

Continuing on from the success of the UK recycling team, our team in Poland also won the Recycling Project Team award. Recently the team has reduced overall waste capacity by 15% across 500 stores, generating both cost and environmental benefits.

At a ceremony in the Hungarian Ministry of Human Resources last week, our colleagues at Tesco Hungary were presented with the Disability-Friendly Workplace Award for the second year running. The award celebrates companies which support and integrate disabled people into their workforce through tailor-made recruitment and employment practices. It’s a fantastic achievement for our 22,000 Hungarian colleagues, 5% of whom are disabled.

During 2013 and with the support of civilian organisations, the team at Tesco Hungary will carry out further “sensitivity training” sessions in all of our hypermarkets to ensure colleagues can continue to live our values. Tesco Hungary Personnel Director Klára Tatár-Kiss, who accepted the award, said: “Today we are the biggest disabled employer in Hungary; we currently employ over 1200 disables colleagues. The award recognises our efforts and makes our colleagues feel proud to be part of Tesco”.