‘Fizz Pop' – the next big soft drink?

28 May 2014

In October last year our soft drinks team received a letter from a group of primary school children at St Judes School in Egham. The pupils asked if they could present ‘Fizz Pop’, a juice drink that they had made as part of a school project, in the hope that we might sell it.  

Impressed by the children’s initiative, our soft drinks team invited the pupils to come to our head office for an interactive juice making workshop, created by Abi Jones from our own label juice supplier ResfrescoGerber. The children made up a batch of Fizz Pop, learnt how to measure and mix juice, and got tips on how to improve their recipe.

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Throughout the workshop the children sampled different fruits and juices, experimenting with acidity and sweetness to create a perfect tasting product, and discovered where the fruit in their juice comes from. A key focus of the workshop was on the health benefits of fruit and the importance of reducing sugar and calories in drinks.

Finally, after coming up with some creative commercials for their product, the children pitched Fizz Pop to a panel of managers from our soft drinks team. In recognition of the well thought out product and pitch, the panel has promised to make up 100 bottles of Fizz Pop so the children can show off their fantastic work to their classmates.


Laura Mallin, Assistant Buyer of Water and Ambient Juice at Tesco, said:

“We believe the workshop was really successful, proving to be both fun and educational. As a team we strongly believe that it is our duty to educate children on where our drinks come from and the importance of healthy drinks and a balanced diet. We hope that this workshop proved inspiring, and aim to roll this out to more students over time”.