Healthier product choices

22 May 2014

Through reformulation, new product development and promotional and layout changes we can make it easier for our customers to make healthier choices.

“We have already removed three billion calories from our soft drinks and identified ten key areas where we can go further, working with the soft drinks industry to ensure our customers have a range of choices available.”
David Beardmore Category Buying Manager, Soft Drinks

We have made most progress in our soft drinks category and have committed to go further. Here are a few examples of how:

1. We will reduce sugar by 25% on the remaining Tesco Brand carbonates
2. 60% of all new product development will focus on low or no calorie products
3. We will use new technology to remove between 20% and 30% of sugar without using artificial sweeteners

We plan to extend this reformulation work into other product areas and will be targeting added sugar during 2014/15.

Our product reformulation is guided by our healthy little differences tracker analysis. For more information on our tracker and how we use it visit