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Listening to and responding to concerns

22 May 2014

To help build trust and strong partnerships with our suppliers we have independent and anonymous feedback channels.

Protector Line posterOur suppliers have been providing us with anonymous feedback for a decade. This year we carried out our most comprehensive partner viewpoint survey yet, giving us a global view of supplier satisfaction.

We invited almost twice as many suppliers to give feedback as last year and increased the number of languages available for participants from 9 to 12. The greater granularity of the report means that we can identify relative areas of strength and internally benchmark our markets and categories with consistent measures. We will use this feedback to help build strong long-term relationships with our partners.

Our established ‘protector line’ is primarily used by colleagues and contractors to report suspected breaches of our code of business conduct or internal company policies.

In the coming year we are launching an independent ‘protector line’ service for use by any of our suppliers. Their employees will be able to raise confidentially concerns of wrongdoing in the provision of either goods or services for or on behalf of Tesco. Issues will be recorded, investigated and where necessary action will be taken.