Making 2014 a healthier, happier year - one step at a time

9 Jan 2014

Find out how we're helping you to get healthier in 2014, such as our new Health and Wellbeing site and our apps for iPhone and Android.

With the dawn of 2014 upon us, it’s natural that a number of us will be thinking about resolutions. For many of us, and for many of our customers, getting healthier, improving fitness, eating better or losing weight will form part of those resolutions.

Tesco has a long tradition of helping our customers with some of these challenges but when we announced our Scale for Good ambitions in May 2013 we made it clear that we needed to do more to help our customers and colleagues to live healthier lives.

One of the ways we’re “doing more” is by using the expertise of the Tesco Diets team to create a great free health and wellbeing service to help people achieve their goals, one step at a time. The release of this free service is great news for anyone (including you) who has health and wellbeing goals they’d like to achieve in 2014.

What does this new service offer?

A comprehensive website

A completely free Health and Wellbeing site that supports people’s efforts to become healthier. In brief, the site will take customers personal details (height, weight, gender, etc), their eating preferences, their medical conditions and their health goal and will offer them personalised analysis and tools (Food & Activity Diary, weekly meal planner, healthy recipes and expert advice) to help achieve this goal.

An App for anywhere/anytime healthy living

We’ve released a free App for iPhone and Android; the App builds on the desktop features but offers even more to customers and colleagues. The App helps keep users motivated by introducing a gameelement to their health journey , members earn points and move through levels as they track their healthy living efforts. It also encourages users to focus on their overall wellbeing with features like a Sleep Tracker and Daily Wellbeing Challenges – customers will be happy as well as healthy after using it! 

What’s next for this service?

First on the priorities list is a barcode scanner; then automatic activity tracking (customers have already told us that they really want to see these features) but after that it’s down to innovation and customer feedback.  

Try it yourself

If you’re someone with a health goal for the year ahead, one really easy step you can take towards achieving it, is to join and download either the iPhone App or the Android App. We’d love to hear any feedback you have. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2014.