Reducing our Grape Waste

22 May 2014

Find out how we're reducing grape waste in our supply chain.

By establishing waste profiles for grapes this year, we know that 20% of grape production is wasted at various points in the value chain. 

Of that waste, around a third is lost in fields and almost two thirds is wasted in customers’ homes.

In order to help reduce this waste we are shortening the supply chain. This reduces the scope for grapes to be left to rot in fields or to go to waste in customers’ homes.

There are two parts to our work:

1. We have guaranteed in advance that we will buy at least 80% of grapes from our suppliers. This means that suppliers are better able to forecast demand and are less likely to end up with unsold grapes.

2. As a result of this change, we have been able to cut out a stage in our distribution chain and reduce the time grapes taketo arrive in the UK. This means that the code life on the product is increased, and in some cases we are giving customers an extra 10 days of freshness.

We are significantly increasing the volume of products moving through our supply chain in this way, from five million cases two years ago to 14 million cases this year. In addition to grapes this includes products such as apples, pears, tomatoes and mushrooms.

Watch the video here: