Solar panels at our Shire Park offices

23 Jul 2014

We have installed 15kW of solar panels at our Shire Park offices.

Solar panels at Shire Park.  'Solar tracker' panels outside our offices at Shire Park.

As part of our on-going commitment to reduce our impact on the environment and improve energy efficiency, we have installed 15kW of solar panels at our Shire Park offices in Welwyn Garden City.

We have installed two sets of panels. The first is a ‘solar tracker’ system which follows the sun's path to maximise energy generation, one of the first solar tracking systems to be installed in the UK. The second is a traditional ground-mounted system. This will help us benchmark the additional benefits provided by the solar tracking system.

With global energy prices due to almost double in the next five years, introducing innovative technologies like this will help manage challenging carbon and operating costs. We aim to be a zero-carbon business by 2050 and also have interim carbon reduction targets regarding 'emissions per square foot of stores and distribution centres' and 'emissions per case of goods delivered.'

James Pitcher, Head of Energy and Environment at Tesco, said:

"We have an excellent track record of trialling new energy efficient technologies, which if successful we can then incorporate into our future developments. We have set the target of being a zero-carbon business by 2050, and in order to do this we must continue to embrace new technologies and work with our partners to achieve new innovations in environmental design."