Trading Responsibly report

20 Feb 2014

Improving the way we serve our customers and work with our suppliers.

Download Trading Responsibly report PDF 3.88Mb

Trading Responsibly report

We know there’s a lot of interest in how retailers manage their supply chains.  

Behind every product in every Tesco store is a supply chain. From farms to factories, from shipment to storage, it takes every link in that chain together to deliver good quality, sustainably sourced products at the right price for our customers.  

When we set out our Scale for Good Strategy in May 2013 we identified ‘Trading Responsibly’ as an essential part of this work and committed to regularly updating all of our stakeholders on our progress.  

That’s why we are today publishing this report.

It summarises how we are managing our supply chains and improving relationships with our trading partners. It highlights some key examples - including UK agriculture, bananas and clothing - and where we are addressing challenges and making improvements. It also sets out our priorities for the future.