Further Progress on Food Waste in Central Europe

21 Oct 2015

Tackling food waste is important to Tesco and we are always striving to push ourselves a little further. As part of this work our Central European markets have announced a new ambition: to ultimately ensure that no food that can be eaten is thrown away.

This will be achieved by rolling out our food donation programme, ensuring that edible food is given to charities and community groups. In June, we announced that we would be doing this in the UK through our partnership with FareShare FoodCloud.

In Central Europe we will also be working with local food banks and charities. 197 Tesco stores across Central Europe are already donating surplus food. So far they have donated 1,731 tonnes of food which is enough to provide over 4.3 million meals!

You can find out more about all the work we are doing to reduce food waste from farm to fork here.