Let's Cook

30 Apr 2015

Eat Happy

The Tesco Eat Happy Project – our long-term commitment to help children have a happier and healthier relationship with food – is now well into its second year. The first initiative, Farm to Fork, has already reached over 650,000 children through its fun and educational trails.

Building on this success, we launched our second initiative, Let’s Cook, and with our partner The Children’s Food Trust, ran a series of free pop-up cooking courses in 25 of our stores across the UK during the recent Easter holidays. Over 800 children attended, donning aprons and learning how to cook a range of fresh healthy food such as spaghetti bolognese, paella and flapjacks. 

Here’s a selection of the great feedback that the courses have received from the parents and children who took part:

Eat happy

Eat happy 2

Eat happy 3

Eat happy 4

Liz Thrussell, from The Children’s Food Trust, also praised the courses, commenting that “we’ve introduced [the children] to healthier options and showed them how to cook things from scratch, so they’re not relying on processed foods.”

If you think your children might enjoy learning how to cook then register on the Eat Happy website and get more details about when our summer pop-up courses will be available.