Partnership With Supplier Results in New UK Mushroom Facility

9 Nov 2015

Behind every product we sell, there are businesses and people that work with us to grow it, develop it, make it, pack it, store it and deliver it. By making the way we work with our suppliers much simpler, we can invest more time together focusing on what customers want.

That’s why we’ve worked in partnership with Cambridge growers, G’s, to build a brand new mushroom facility in Littleport, Cambridge which opened this week. Producing around 165 tonnes of mushrooms each week, for sale in Tesco stores across the UK, the multi-million pound facility has helped to shift supply from Europe to the UK, creating 300 new full time jobs. We have been working with G's since the early 1980's, they also supply us with wholehead and babyleaf salad, celery and radish.

Tesco’s Commercial Director, Fresh Food and commodities Matt Simister said: ‘This new facility is a fantastic example of how building and maintaining strong, open and honest partnerships with our growers, we can deliver and innovate for customers and help to create a sustainable future for British Agriculture.’

MD of G’s Growers Peter Sargeant said: ‘The evolution of May Farm is a fine example of a positive collaboration between G’s Growers and Tesco’s.  The outcome is the creation of a facility that delivers long term sustainability within mushroom growing, whilst integrating with the wider agricultural activities of G’s Growers in the East Anglia region.‘

May Farm also fits into a broader sustainability cycle within G’s Growers agricultural production, with excess heat and waste materials being reused in the agricultural process, creating a highly sustainable model.

For more information on our approach to working with suppliers click here.