Supplier Carbon Reduction Workshops

24 Feb 2015

Following on from two very successful sessions in London and Newcastle, we recently delivered the third and final Tesco Carbon Reduction Workshop Plenary event in Edinburgh.


As part of Tesco's commitment to reduce our impact on the environment, we have set ourselves an ambitious target to reduce our carbon footprint of our supply chain by 30% by 2020.

This reduction, however, can only be achieved by collaborating with suppliers. As part of this collaboration we have held a series of supplier carbon reduction workshops to share Tesco's strategy and learnings so far on our carbon agenda as well as enable an exchange of ideas among suppliers.

So far we have run three workshops, in London (December 2014 hosted by Unilever), in Newcastle (January 2015 hosted by Nestle) and in Edinburgh (February 2015 hosted by Heineken) with over 100 suppliers in attendance.

The workshops were split into morning and afternoon sessions. The morning sessions included an introduction to Tesco's sustainability strategy followed by a panel discussion, giving suppliers the opportunity to ask questions.

The afternoons comprised of seven 'breakout sessions' focussed on themes such as energy efficiency, carbon reduction management, employee engagement and waste. These smaller sessions were an opportunity for suppliers to share experiences with their peers and to exchange ideas around carbon reduction and sustainability.

Tesco suppliers can access the output from all three workshops and join ongoing discussions on the Tesco Supplier Network.