Tesco Celebrates Diwali

16 Nov 2015

Diwali is an important time of the year for colleagues, customers and communities. This year we supported the Festival of Lights with several community activities.

Firstly, as Diwali is associated with exchanging gifts and preparing festive meals, Tesco donated £20,000 worth of products, such as large bags of lentils, basmati rice, sunflower oil and chapatti flour, to 16 Temples across the UK to help feed those in need this Diwali. Each Temple either used the products for their soup kitchens or donated it to a local food bank charity.

Tesco was also the official sponsor of the Trafalgar Square Celebrations organised by the Mayor of London and gave out free products such as Rubicon Mango juice, Cofresh crisps and sweets to people attending the event. Similarly in Leister, which has the biggest Diwali celebration outside of India, we gave out crisps and drinks from our Melton Express store.

Finally, in Harrow we also organised a competition for children aged 12 and under to design our dotcom van which was used to deliver products to the Temples. Vani Kalidos, aged 12 won the competition and £200 for her family to spend on their Diwali festivities. We also gave two runners up prizes of £100 and £50.