Tesco Newest Member of the World Cocoa Foundation

1 Dec 2015

At Tesco we are committed to building stronger, longer-term partnerships with our suppliers and we’re working across our supply chain to raise standards and improve welfare. We know that in each link of the supply chain there are people who depend on it for their livelihoods and so it’s vital that we work together to create value which we can share. Cocoa is a critical part of this. There are a number of social and environmental challenges surrounding the way cocoa is produced which need to be addressed in order to sustain cocoa-growing communities in the long term. 

We are therefore pleased to announce that Tesco has become the latest member of the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF). We are excited to be joining this multi-stakeholder industry platform which collaborates on some of the biggest challenges faced by cocoa-growing farmers and communities. Through our membership, sourcing and work with our suppliers, we want to support the work of the World Cocoa Foundation, increasing positive impact on cocoa production and on the communities that depend on it.

Some of the challenges associated with cocoa production include child labour due to poverty and lack of basic education, low productivity and environmental concerns. At Tesco we want to build better relationships with our suppliers and work with industry to tackle these entrenched issues. Being part of the WCF is an important first step in our evolving strategy for responsible cocoa.

Giles Bolton, Responsible Sourcing Director said “We’re absolutely committed to transparency and sustainability across our supply chains and we’re thrilled to become a member of the World Cocoa Foundation. They do some incredible work in helping make sure the cocoa supply chain is sustainable as well as empowering farmers to make choices that help improve cocoa communities around the world."

For more information on our approach to trading responsibly please click here.

Photos provided by the World Cocoa Foundation.