10 facts about our support for British Dairy

29 Jun 2016

In June 2016 we have introduced the Fair for Farmers Guarantee stamp on our own-label milk bottles in England, Scotland and Wales. This guarantee highlights to customers that every pint of Tesco milk supports British dairy farmers’ futures by ensuring that every farmer is paid fairly for every pint, every pint is 100% British and that every cow is well cared for.

Demonstrating our commitment to build strong transparent partnerships with suppliers, here are 10 key facts about our relationship with British dairy farmers and the wider industry:

  • 3 months – is how often we review what we pay our TSDG dairy farmers to ensure the price they are paid reflects their production costs
  • 6 different breeds of dairy cows are used to produce our milk - including Jerseys, Cross Breds, Montbeliards, Ayrshires, Friesians and Holsteins
  • 9 years of guaranteeing a fair price to farmers
  • 60 cows in the smallest herd that supply Tesco with milk 
  • 96 per cent of our dairy farmers believe that they have benefitted from their partnership with Tesco
  • 1,000 children have visited the Tesco Dairy Centre of Excellence to improve their knowledge and understanding of dairy production
  • 1,800 cows in the largest herd that supply Tesco with milk
  • 8,560 litres of milk produced by an average cow each year
  • 1.8 billion pints of milk are bought by Tesco shoppers each year
  • £240 million is the total Tesco has paid over the milk market price to our British dairy farmers since November 2007

You can find more information about the guarantee and how else we support British dairy industry here or by watching the video.