Launching Farm to Fork in Poland

7 Sep 2016

Starting September 2016, 38 Tesco stores all over Poland will be offering a ‘Farm to Fork’ educational programme. The initiative is specifically designed to promote healthy eating for children.

The programme offers primary school students visits to stores - somewhere we all make dietary decisions. On the visits, children will go on ‘Expeditions of Taste’ and will get to see healthy products from unique perspective. This practical learning experience will allow children to discover, research and make their own conclusions about healthy food.

Not only will Children have the opportunity to try out new flavours but also learn about the route of food from farm to fork.

Daria Kulińska, Head of Communications at Tesco Poland said:

‘The programme has been develop by dieticians and other experts, and specially trained employees will be the guides during the visits. A huge amount of knowledge, a lot of fun and various educational materials, are all waiting for the students visiting the stores.’

Additionally, each school participating in the programme will receive a special set of educational materials which will help in preparing on-going lessons about healthy eating.

In the UK, The Tesco Eat Happy Project, runs similar farm to fork trails. These are helping children to know more about where their food comes from and so far over 1.5 million children have taken part. This month we have launched the new Harvest Trail.

To find out more about how we are supporting our customers to make healthy choices and live a healthy lifestyle click here.