Building relationships with farmers in Thailand

At Tesco, we value the partnerships we have with our farmers and growers. Through these partnerships we’re able to offer customers affordable, fresh, quality food that’s fair for all. By sourcing our products directly from farmers, we are able to cut out the middle man and ensure farmers are paid a fair price for their product.

Tesco Lotus began sourcing leafy vegetables from the Non Kwao village in Thailand’s northeast since March 2018, encouraging 110 farmers to form a group in order to achieve the production volume required.

The minister of agriculture joined the grand opening of the vegetable packing house which we have supported at the Non Kwao village.

The packing house serves as the centre for farmers in the village as well as nearby villages to bring their produce. Our truck from the regional distribution centre in the same province picks up the vegetables, which are sold in 98 stores in the region. We currently buy nearly 12 tonnes per week and the sourcing programme generates a good income for the village.

Due to the success of the Non Kwao model, we have expanded the programme to other sites where we have distribution centres close by.


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