Career development opportunities for women

We recognise the value that a diverse workforce brings to our business and want to create an inclusive culture where everyone is supported to get on and achieve their ambitions. We are committed to inspiring and supporting our female colleagues to drive their careers forward in the way they want to.

We have taken steps to improve our gender and diversity balance. We are members of the 30% Club and are working to increase the proportion of women at senior levels in our business. A further example is our targeted career development community; a group of talented females who will participate in a structured learning programme over the course of a year.

We know that bringing groups of like-minded women together helps them to learn from each other by sharing real experiences and stories. The group will learn about issues that matter to them such as how to build a strong career plan, the importance of an active network, how to build self-assurance and the value of an authentic personal brand.           

The learning will also be made available for office colleagues through bitesize sessions. We are developing new materials to help ensure all colleagues can access the learning in some form, such as guides and videos. 

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