Helpful Little Swaps increases health profile of baskets

To help our colleagues and customers overcome some of the barriers to choosing healthier options we introduced ‘helpful little swaps’ in our stores. At key points during the year we hold ‘health events’ where customers are encouraged to try healthier options through lower prices, promotions and in-store information.  

Our most recent event in September 2018 saw sales of ‘helpful little swaps’ increase by 17% compared to last year. We also again saw an increase in the health profile of the average customers’ shopping basket. 

At the front of store we displayed a basket showing ‘helpful little swaps’ and the cost saving that customer could make by choosing them. One such helpful little swap from 20% fat lamb mince to 7% turkey mince saw a saving of £1.30. Many of the swaps were to almost identical products but with either reduced fat, salt or sugar. Meanwhile our promotional aisles during the event were dedicated to healthier products, including fresh produce which saw packs of curly kale, beef tomatoes and apples at 49p. 

To find out how else we are helping customers make healthier food choices every time they shop with us, click here


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