Bumper cabbage crop reducing food waste in Ireland

As part of the Little Helps Plan we are committed to helping reduce food waste on farms, in store and at home. We believe we have a shared responsibility to reduce waste from farm to fork.

In Ireland, the Produce team, working with our supplier partner Moore Produce in North County Dublin, has diverted 10 tons of sweetheart cabbage (equivalent to over 20,000 cabbages) from waste by temporarily changing the specification to accommodate the changes in the crop. Grown in Naul, North County Dublin, by the Moore family, the cabbage crop has seen changes to traditional growth patterns as a result of the more extreme weather conditions over the year.

Commenting on the crop, Alison O’Doherty, senior produce buying manager, Tesco Ireland, said: “The drought we experienced in the summer, had a knock-on impact on crop growth in the winter months. Working with Moore Produce we were able to accommodate a temporary specification to give the producers time to harvest their crops.

“Over two weeks in late November, working with Total Produce and the Moore family, we were able to maintain our seasonal crop with a very small specification change. Importantly, we avoided a situation where the crop would be ploughed back into the ground.

“This supports the supplier, and is also an important consideration for the Ireland business, because in 2017 we set ourselves clear targets to ensure that no food that is suitable for human consumption will go to waste from our stores by 2020,” Alison concluded.

For more information on other ways that we work with our suppliers to reduce food waste please click here.


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