Green is Great - tackling plastic waste at Tesco Malaysia

We know that packaging is a subject that our colleagues and customers feel strongly about. Across our operations, we will remove packaging where we can, reduce it to a minimum where we cannot remove, re-use more packaging and make sure everything we use is recyclable.

As part of the Green is Great initiative organised by the British High Commissioner in Malaysia, Tesco Malaysia has taken part in multiple activities to mark the event, including the Green is Great Exhibition, Business Forum on Creating Circular Economy and the launch of Malaysia’s Plastic Pact.

In September, Tesco Malaysia joined the Interim Steering Committee Group of Malaysia’s Plastics Pact. This was recognised at an event by the Minister of Energy and Change, witnessed by HRH Prince Edward and the British High Commissioner to Malaysia.

At the event, Tesco was joined by other businesses, government agencies and civil society members to discuss actions areas, commitments and targets towards creating a closed loop. This is considered a big step forward in tackling plastics waste in Malaysia.

Tesco UK are also signatories of the UK Plastics Pact, which brings together businesses from across the entire plastics value chain to bring fundamental change in the way we design, produce, use, reuse, dispose and reprocess plastics.

Alongside joining Malaysia’s Plastic Pact, a Tesco representative attended a panel at the Green is Great Forum, organised by the British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce. Details of our packaging initiatives to reduce single use plastic bags in the business, such as the introduction of the Unforgettable Bag – a reusable bag featuring a barcode which when scanned, gives customers a 20 sen rebate on their total purchase – were shared.

Lastly, as part of the Green is Great event, 40 students and teachers from our adopted school, SMK Vivenkananda, participated in an Educational Workshop hosted by the British Council, and Environmental NGO. The students also took part in multiple workshops run by MareCet and ScubaZoo Images.

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