Our Central Europe Food Waste Conference

On 5 June Tesco organised the fourth Central Europe Food Waste Conference in Prague. The event brought together representatives of business, government and NGOs from Central Europe to search for solutions to reduce food waste and packaging waste.

During the conference, representatives of various industries and organisations discussed the environmental, social and economic case for tackling food waste. Panel discussions explored ways to combat food waste throughout the supply chain, from farm to fork. All guests agreed that the collaboration of suppliers and retailers can also play a crucial role in encouraging customers to act, and making it easy for them to reduce their food and packaging waste.  

During the conference our CEO, Tesco Central Europe, Matt Simister emphasised that the first stage of reducing food waste is to measure and set targets, saying:  

“Transparency and measurement are essential for identifying hotspots, and in tackling the causes of food waste. It helps everyone understand how much, where, and why, food is being wasted.”

Tesco Central Europe has published data on food waste in its own operation since 2017 in order to track progress against its target to halve food waste by 2030. At the conference, Tesco Czech Republic announced it has already achieved this goal by decreasing food waste in its own operations by 55% within two years, and has donated 2,052 tonnes of food to people in need.

Across Central Europe Tesco donates surplus food from our stores and distribution centres to local food banks and charities. Last year in Central Europe we donated 13,737 tonnes of surplus food, which is equivalent to over 32.5 million meals. We also work with our supplier partners to reduce food waste. For example our “Perfectly Imperfect” range helps to reduce farm food waste, by offering shoppers ’wonky fruit and vegetables’

For more information on our food waste ambitions click here.


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