Reducing food waste - our partnership with apple supplier Adrian Scripps

We have a shared responsibility to reduce waste from farm to fork. A major part of our work to reduce food waste has been in the way we source food, working in partnership with our suppliers.

For the past 30 years, supplier Adrian Scripps has been nurturing 400 football pitches-worth of 6ft tall apple trees. Despite the apples being individually hand-picked, it was identified that they would become bruised when they passed through the pack-house machinery.

Commercial Manager at Adrian Scripps, Tom Christensen, explained:

"The apples would bounce off the surfaces, and each other, resulting in bruising, which also resulted in a lot of wastage."

By working in partnership with our supplier, the problem has now been resolved. In order to handle the apples as delicately as possible they introduced a water bath which means that the apples bob along through the pack house routes without hitting hard surfaces, plus the water keeps them fresh. Due to this development, Adrian Scripps now have virtually zero waste and any remaining spare apples go back into the ground as compost.

For more information on how we work with our supplier to reduce food waste, please click here.  


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