Reducing single-use packaging in Thailand

We take the sustainability of our products and packaging very seriously. At Tesco, we only use packaging with a purpose, and we want to ensure everything we do use can be reused, recycled or repurposed.

On 5 June, World Environment Day, Tesco Lotus in Thailand announced it will stop the use of polystyrene foam food containers starting from July 2019. In place of foam trays and containers, we will switch to plastic containers which are 100% recyclable.

Additionally, Tesco Lotus have launched a number of other initiatives as part of their packaging strategy to redesign, reduce, recover, and recycle.

Redesign - Thermoform trays made from 100% recyclable materials have replaced older plastic trays and plastic wrap, which were previously for fresh meat and ‘fruit to go’ products in all Tesco Lotus stores. The new thermoform trays better protect products to reduce food waste, and use 400 tonnes less plastic per year, which is the equivalent to 26.6 million 600ml plastic water bottles.

Reduce - Five Tesco Lotus Express stores are already plastic bag free, with three more stores to follow on the island of Koh Chang.  Additionally, on the 4th of every month, all 2,000 Tesco Lotus stores stop giving plastic bags to customers, and encourage them to bring their own shopping bags instead.

Tesco Lotus have also extended their Bring Your Own Container schemes, which now include salad bars and bakery departments in all stores. Customers receive 50 Clubcard points as an incentive for using their own container.  

Recovery and recycling - Tesco Lotus have installed 10 reverse vending machines, providing customers with the opportunity to return plastic water bottles and cans in exchange for 25 Clubcard points. The recovered bottles will be recycled to make shopping totes, creating a closed loop for packaging.

You can find out more about our commitment to moving to a closed loop system here.


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