Removing best before dates in Thailand

At Tesco we’re committed to reducing food waste. We want to prevent perfectly good food from being thrown away and reduce waste from farm to fork.

We know that dates on food can be confusing for customers and that this can lead to perfectly good food going to waste in homes. That’s why we’re removing best before dates from many of our fruit and vegetables.

Following the removal of best before dates on over 180 lines in the UK, our business in Thailand has also taken the same approach, removing expiry dates from 251 pre-packed fruits and vegetables.

Tesco Lotus Corporate Affairs Director Salinla Seehaphan says: “Tesco has announced our commitment to halving food waste by 2030, in line with Target 12.3 under the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. We’re tackling food waste from farm to fork, and part of our work is helping customers to curb food waste at home.”

“With fresh food, we’ve found that our customers typically assess their fruits and vegetables by looking, feeling and smelling the products, rather than relying on the ‘best before’ date code on the packaging. That’s why we believe that simplifying date marking on food products, or simply removing date labels on certain items, can help customers to avoid throwing food away unnecessarily.”

You can read more about how we’re working to reduce food waste in our own operations here.


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