Supporting our customers to lead healthy lives

We are committed to helping improve diets through encouraging the consumption of fruit and vegetables. Our focus is to continue helping customers to achieve five portions of fruit and vegetables a day by making it easy and affordable for them.   

In July, we held our fourth customer health event in the UK, which was designed to help customers find affordable and easy ways to make their shopping basket healthier. The event included ‘Helpful Little Swaps’ which encouraged customers to discover and try healthier alternatives by making them the same price or less than the standard variant. We also featured our Meat & Veg range which combines beef and lamb products with vegetables such as carrot and pepper to help make  meals healthier, as well as reduce time in the kitchen.

To offer our customers easy ways to eat more veg, our health ambassador Jamie Oliver, created two new healthy recipes ‘Super speedy pea and courgette pasta’ and ‘Super charged corn on the cob’. As well as being delicious and easy to make, we made sure that the cost of the main vegetable ingredients were on offer too. Alongside these, Jamie featured a meal planner in our Tesco magazine showcasing vegetables, with suggestions on how to boost traditional recipes easily with tasty vegetables.

Online at, our Helpful Little Swaps event featured healthy shopping tips from our health charity partners

For more information on how we are supporting our colleagues and customers to lead healthier lives, please click here


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