Sustainable spuds: meet the farmers safeguarding the humble potato – video

Boiled, mashed or roasted in their jackets, potatoes remain a cornerstone of the British diet – and they don’t have to cost the earth. We meet the innovators championing new techniques in sustainable potato production.

Tesco’s long-term partnerships with its suppliers means they can then invest in new technology, such as Branston’s major investment in handling and packing tech, and work together to cut food waste.

Giving potatoes a new lease of life is not the only way that Tesco is working with its suppliers to reduce the impact producing food has on the environment. Tesco and WWF are working together to halve the environmental impact of the average UK shopping basket, partnering with suppliers to drive innovation and tackle sustainability challenges across their supply chains, starting with some of the most popular products in the modern basket, like potatoes.


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