Tesco introduce new packaging for chilled juices and smoothies in Central Europe

We take the sustainability of our products and packaging extremely seriously and always consider the environmental impact of our business on the environment.

We are working towards creating a closed loop system for packaging, meaning no packaging will go to waste.

As part of our Little Helps Plan, we announced our ambition that all our Own Brand packaging will be recyclable or reusable by 2025, and removing the hardest to recycle materials.

In Central Europe, we worked with our suppliers to create new, modified packaging for our Own Brand chilled juices and smoothies.250ml and 1l sized bottles are made of 30% recycled material, and 750ml bottles use 50% recycled plastic in their packaging. The new bottles are polyester made partly of reused plastic packaging - mainly old bottles - and are also suitable to be recycled again. In the UK, the packaging for our Own Brand flavoured waters and juices is made from 51% of recycled content.

Changing the materials used for our Own Brand juice and smoothie packaging across Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, means a reduction in plastic of nearly 18 tonnes.

For more information on how we are working with suppliers to reduce plastic packaging, click here. Find out more about our commitment to moving to a closed loop system here.



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