Tesco joins Ocean Disclosure Project

As a global retailer, Tesco has a crucial role in promoting healthy oceans and fish stocks, and preserving its resources for future generations.

Transparency and collaboration are an important part of our approach. By publicly disclosing where we source our products, and the actions we (and our suppliers) are taking to improve sustainability, we can help increase accountability and drive industry-wide progress.

This is why we have joined the Ocean Disclosure Project (ODP) which is a global platform for voluntary disclosure of seafood sourcing. Established in 2015 by Sustainable Fisheries Partnership, the ODP is dedicated to increasing transparency in seafood supply chains by encouraging seafood-buying companies to publicly report on the seafood they source. Tesco has published two seafood disclosures, containing a list of the main wild-catch fisheries from which Tesco sourced in 2017 and 2018, alongside information on fishery management, catch method, and environmental impact. 

“By participating in the Ocean Disclosure Project, Tesco has demonstrated its commitment to responsible sourcing of seafood,” said Tania Woodcock, ODP Project Manager. “Tesco’s disclosure represents a significant proportion of the seafood consumed in the UK. We hope that other UK retailers and seafood suppliers will also be encouraged to support transparency in the seafood sector by disclosing their seafood sourcing.”

Giles Bolton, Responsible Sourcing Director for Tesco said:

“We want our customers to be able to enjoy sustainable and affordable fish now and long into the future, so we’re determined to play our part in protecting the world’s oceans and fish stocks. Publishing data as part of the Ocean Disclosure Project underlines our commitment to transparency right across our supply chains as we continue to drive up standards in environmental sustainability.”

For more information on our commitment to marine sustainability, click here.

Photo credit: Marine Stewardship Council


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