Tesco Malaysia educate children to make informed shopping choices

Working with the needs of our local communities around the world and supporting the causes that matter most to our customers and colleagues, is at the heart of Tesco.

Junior Smart Shoppers is an ongoing financial literacy programme, in partnership with the PINTAR Foundation. Run by Tesco Stores in Malaysia, the scheme aims to help embed smart consumerism in primary schoolchildren.

Specifically designed to empower the next generation of Malaysians, Junior Smart Shoppers aims to educate primary school students to become smart consumers by introducing them to various aspects of good shopping habits.

Students from 63 Adopted Schools will be taken for a fun yet informative tour of a Tesco store, while learning about price comparison and the quality of products. They are also taught about the importance of differentiating between healthy foods over junk foods, which do not provide them with the nutrition they need.

Several simple yet nutritious recipes that children as young as ten years old can make for themselves are included in the final module of the Junior Smart Shoppers, teaching the children that nutritious food can be both tasty and affordable.

Over a thousand students from Tesco’s Adopted School Programme have benefitted from the Junior Smart Shopper programme since November 2018.

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