Working with small and medium suppliers in Central Europe

As a business we want to build strong partnerships with suppliers, both large and small ones. That’s why in September 2017 in Slovakia we launched a programme to promote small local suppliers, bringing new, regional products to our stores.

A year after we launched the programme in Slovakia we now offer over 750 products from more than 103 local suppliers to our customers in 41 of our stores.

This unique partnership is built on collaboration. Tesco has been helping small suppliers to improve product performance by extending expiry dates and introducing more attractive packaging in smaller sizes. We also make sure that products in our stores from small, local suppliers are displayed in one place, making them easy to find and identifiable with traditional Slovak visuals.

The move has been welcomed not only by customers – bestselling products are yoghurts from local dairy Selce - but also by the Slovak government and the suppliers themselves.


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